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 Saudi Stock Exchange

Saudi Capital Market Overview


EXCHANGE INFORMATION ITEM DESCRIPTION Currency Saudi Riyal (SAR) Time Zone UTC + 3 Exchange The Saudi Exchange is a joint stock company and the sole entity currently authorized in the Kingdom to act as the Securities Exchange... Read More

Saudi Derivatives Market


INTRODUCTION: The launch of the Derivatives Market is one of the Financial Sector Development Program (FSDP) key initiatives under the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. This market enhances Saudi Exchange’s products offering and complements recent... Read More

Saudi Closed=Ended Investment Traded Funds (CEFs)


WHAT ARE CLOSED-ENDED INVESTMENT TRADED FUNDS (CEFS)? CEFs are investment funds available to the public and its units are traded on the market during trading hours similar to Real Estate Investment Traded Funds “REITs”. It aims to facilitate... Read More

Saudi Real Estate Investment Traded Funds (REITs)


Real Estate Investment Traded Funds, or REITs, are financial instruments that allow all types of investors to obtain investment exposure to the Real Estate Market. This is achieved through collective ownership of constructed developed real estate... Read More

Tradable Rights in Saudi Arabia


INTRODUCTION: The Capital Market Authority “The Authority” and the Saudi Exchange have developed a mechanism for listing and trading Rights of companies listed in the market. The objective is to continuously develop and improve products and... Read More

Saudi NOMU Parallel Market


THE MAIN OBJECTIVES OF ESTABLISHING NOMU-PARALLEL MARKET: Additional source of funding for issuers to access capital. Increased diversification and deepening the Saudi capital market. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: Market with lighter requirements.... Read More

Saudi Exchange Traded Funds (CEFs)


WHAT ARE EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS (ETFS)? ETFs are investment funds that track an index, and are divided into equal units which are traded on the exchange during official trading hours. ETFs enjoy advantages of both mutual funds and stocks at the same... Read More

Saudi Sukuk and Bonds


What are Sukuk and Bonds?Sukuk and Bonds are financial instruments issued by Governments or Corporates to raise money from investors for a period of time. Commonly, over this period, Sukuk and bonds distribute periodic coupon payments (either at a... Read More


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