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Setting up a business in Kuwait

As a general rule, foreign investors can only conduct business in Kuwait either through an agent or through Kuwaiti partners. This typically involves the establishment of a company, with the Kuwaiti partner(s) owning at least 51 per cent of the... Read More

Islamic Finance in Bahrain

Bahrain has long been recognized as a global leader in Islamic finance, playing host to the largest concentration of Islamic financial institutions in the Middle East and home to a number of pre-eminent global Islamic standard setting... Read More

Setting up a business in Qatar

Qatar is an attractive jurisdiction because of its very low tax rates and opportunities for company development in an economy with high GDP and high quality of life. While foreign investors have certain restrictions in terms of foreign company... Read More

Setting up a business in Oman

Legal Structures There are three main legal structures available to companies, which will provide both a direct and indirect business presence in Oman. From a direct perspective, these are available through a sole proprietorship or through a... Read More

Starting a business in the UAE

Starting a business online The UAE Government introduced the Bashr service to start a business. Bashr is an integrated eService, which enables investors to establish their businesses in the UAE within 15 minutes through a unified online platform.... Read More

Bahrain Business Laws


    / All Laws   Law of Commerce   Commercial Companies Law   Commercial Register Law   Commercial Agency Law   Sales and Rental of Business Law   Antidumping Countervailing Measures and Safeguard Law... Read More

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